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The guestbook is a long-standing wedding tradition, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of creative wedding guest book ideas out there. An original guest book is a great way to show off new twists on an old tradition. When you’re celebrating your happy day at our wedding venue on Long Island, your unique guest book will amuse your guests, and they will be even happier to leave messages of hope and congratulations for your future life.

The best way to show your originality through your guest book is to consider the personalities being married. Your wedding day is all about you and your beloved, so your interests should be reflected in your creative wedding guest book. Ideas that call for replacing the book with a different type of item that can be written on result in some pretty unique guest books.

When you really think about what makes you and your fiancé tick, you can hit upon the perfect guest book replacement. Sports fans can offer sports memorabilia, perhaps old skis for lovers of the slopes or oars for rowing fans. If country living is your style, offer a wooden barrel for the well-wishers to sign. The couple that really enjoys games and puzzles can set up Jenga pieces or blank puzzle pieces that everyone can sign, while outdoorsy couples can go for rocks or pebbles. Breaking up the standard guest book format with a different type of object to sign is not your typical choice, but that’s what makes it stand out.

Yet another wedding guest book idea that takes the book out of the equation is the wedding quilt. Quilts make some of the best keepsakes: they are warm, charming, and homemade, so often filled with love. We recommend having a bundle of quilt squares set up on a stand at your wedding venue on Long Island. After the wedding, you can sew all the squares into a quilt that will fill you with happy memories of that special day.

There are plenty of creative wedding guest book ideas that are more traditional, as well. Offer your guests cute stationery to not only sign their names, but leave a message or advice for the happy couple. You can collect the results and make a beautiful guest book keepsake album after the fact!

Little envelopes and little notes are adorable, but you just don’t have that many opportunities to use them. Until you’re coming up with creative wedding guest book ideas, of course. Fill up a blank book with hundreds of little envelopes, and then leave the accompanying note cards for your guests to fill out. Alternatively, instead of using a blank book, you could fill up a bulletin board with envelopes, small or large. Display the bulletin board at your wedding venue on Long Island, and make sure to have plenty of elegant notepaper for your guests to sign.

Wedding themes and the interests of the happy couple provide some of the best inspiration for creative wedding guest book ideas. As people strive to show more originality throughout their weddings, everything is becoming more personalized. Get inspired with some of your favorite things when you’re deciding on the perfect guest book to display at your wedding venue on Long Island and let our event planners assist ! Contact / 516.371.4000 for more information on how to book the wedding of your dreams here at The Sands Atlantic Beach.

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