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While the old adage of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue doesn’t usually extend to the beverages at your wedding, The Sands Atlantic Beach has created a list of beach wedding drinks that will offer an answer to each of these wedding day requirements. From a drink that your grandfather enjoyed and a new take on cucumber to a drink with a blue hue and a recipe we borrowed, this drink menu will delight the guests at your beach wedding on Long Island.

‘Old Fashion’

In case you haven’t heard, vintage-style everything is currently hot and that extends to the popular drinks of today. Old-fashioned cocktails based on the preferences of our forefathers have made a comeback and many of them are perfect for your beach wedding on Long Island. The Manhattan, named after the New York borough to our northwest, has a beautiful reddish brown color that features whiskey, vermouth, bitters and a cherry for garnish. Not only will these beach wedding drinks satisfy an older guest’s taste and fulfill your “something old” quotient, but the drink will also excite first time Manhattan drinkers.

‘Something Blue’

Instead of using the classically electric blue alcohols that are all sugar and guarantee hangovers, The Sands Atlantic Beach suggests using blueberries to create the something blue for your beach wedding drinks. We suggest a blueberry mojito, which combines rum, club soda and fresh blueberries, while also adding mint leaves to give the drink a refreshing edge. For even more taste, feel free to add a small spoonful of lavender syrup to give the drink that much more flavor. The mouths of your beach wedding on Long Island guests thank you.

Whether from larger bottlers or small vodka distilleries, infused vodka has become one of alcohol producers’ best selling items, and cucumber vodka is leading the pack. Just like a day spent beside the ocean, cucumber vodka is fresh and breezy. One new take on a drink using cucumber vodka, dubbed a cucumber-elderflower cooler, could easily be one of the most essential beach wedding drinks for celebrating your nuptials. Bringing together elderflower liqueur, some champagne, sliced cucumber and cucumber vodka, this drink will refresh the parched tastebuds at your beach wedding on Long Island.

While you can borrow any old recipe for your beach wedding on Long Island, The Sands Atlantic Beach suggests offering up a tasty recipe that has no alcohol in it so that all of your guests can have their needs met. Might we offer the idea of a mint-infused lemonade or iced tea drink that will offer delicious taste, a new spin on a borrowed recipe and give patrons an alcohol free option when it comes to your beach wedding drinks.

No matter what drink menu you decide upon for your beach wedding on Long Island, it’s important to consider what both you and your guests will love. The Sands Atlantic Beach hopes that you will try these beach wedding drinks while celebrating your nuptials on our beautiful oceanfront property. As always, you can’t go wrong with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Just not gross electric blue. Feel free to contact one of our event managers, Brianna for more information on how to incorporate these into your next event at The Sands Atlantic Beach; / 516.371.4000. We look forward towards hearing from you !

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