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How To Gift Wrap A Wedding Present


You’ve received the invitation, RSVP’d and purchased the perfect gift — even if you didn’t know the couple that well — but do you know how to gift wrap a wedding present? There are a few traditional guidelines and extra touches you can add to make your gift a stand-out at the couple’s wedding venue on Long Island!

If you’re wondering how to gift wrap a wedding present traditionally, a great first step is to go to the store where the couple has registered. Often, they will offer traditional wedding wrapping or they will have their own signature wrapping paper. This is a great option, and the service is usually free. You’ll leave with a perfectly wrapped gift and won’t have to worry about anything at all.

Prefer the personal touch? Fret not. It’s simple to wrap a wedding gift yourself. Generally, wedding gifts are boxed and not packaged in gift bags. Once you find the perfect size gift box, it’s time to choose the wrapping and tissue paper. It’s important that you don’t choose a wrapping paper that is too bright. You don’t want your gift to be the boldest one at the wedding venue on Long Island! White and silver are the traditional wrapping colors and you’ll want to stick light colored tissue paper for inside the box.

If you know the couple well and are wondering how to gift wrap a wedding present with an extra-special touch, try using their wedding colors in the wrapping. If gold or champagne are included in the wedding colors, use those as wrapping rather than silver or white paper. Using ribbon that matches the wedding colors is a simple touch that won’t go overboard. Play around with ribbon textures as well. Velvet ribbon is becoming a common addition to wedding wrapping.

No matter whether you know the wedding party or not, an extra special touch is wrapping your gift and following the wedding’s theme. Are you headed to a beach wedding venue on Long Island? Find some tasteful wrapping paper that matches the color of the beach and possibly even include shells or other natural items by attaching them to the ribbon on the wrapping. Remember, the idea is to not overpower on the gift table, but create something that will make the new couple happy.

Hopefully this guide on how to gift wrap a wedding present has been helpful. Whether you choose to go the traditional route or you plan to get a little more creative, you’ll have a picture perfect gift to take to the wedding venue on Long Island!

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