1395 Beech Street | Atlantic Beach, NY 11509

1395 Beech Street | Atlantic Beach, NY 11509

The Sands Atlantic Beach: The New Host of Your Corporate Party in Long Island

Whether expounding on the excellence of your company to potential investors or throwing a corporate party in Long Island to celebrate a milestone, The Sands Atlantic Beach is a venue that can cater to each and every need of your company. Set against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, the establishment offers a versatility that’s second-to-none when it comes to corporate event sites.

From the moment you step foot into the The Sands Atlantic Beach, the premises exudes a feeling of perfection and attention to detail that will remind your guests that your company is high class. A common misconception amongst corporate event organizers is that event venues won’t help you in the planning of your upcoming presentation. However, at The Sands Atlantic Beach, the staff is there with you every step of the way to make sure that the planning process is as smooth as possible. An on-staff party planner is not just perfect for beach weddings and other social events, but they can also provide a critical eye to your corporate event when it comes to room layout, food selection and the overall presentation.

The Sands Atlantic Beach thrives on ensuring your company’s guests receive the treatment they deserve throughout your presentation. Based on corporate events The Sands Atlantic Beach has held in the past, our staff can create seating in our large banquet hall that will offer ideal sight lines for guests throughout your presentation. For smaller events or parties, The Sands Atlantic Beach has more accommodating rooms depending on the size of your group. From 60 guests to large gatherings up in the hundreds, the venue can offer the optimal room and considerations for all guests.

Another misnomer that is common when it comes to dealing with corporate event venues is that they often force your company to hire your own catering service. At The Sands Atlantic Beach, the on-site catering staff is capable of creating immensely delicious meals ranging from impressive salads to the freshest seafood and immaculate chicken and beef dishes. Planning accordingly when to serve dishes in congruence with your presentation and creating hors d’oeuvre for corporate parties is a specialty of The Sands Atlantic Beach kitchen staff.

When choosing the home of your next corporate party in Long Island, consider The Sands Atlantic Beach as the only option. From comfortable, accommodating event halls to delectable food, this venue located on the ocean features all the necessities of a banquet hall within a short distance from the business capital of the world, New York City.

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